How to Get a New York Liquor License

There are some minimum requirements to getting the license and you may have already heard of them. They are things like that you have to be a US citizen or a Permanent Resident. You also need to be 21 years old and not a felon unless you obtain a Certificate of Release from Civil Disabilities. You also cannot be a law enforcement officer with arresting powers.

The location should not be within 200 feet of a fulltime church or place of worship.

The application can be downloaded from the New York liquor import license website,Guest Posting you can call them and ask for a printed version or you can get one from a New York Liquor License Attorney like our firm.

Then the printed application should be completed and sent with the application fee to the Zone Office for your part of New York State. If you are located in New York City and Manhattan area you are in what is called Zone 1.

You can check the status of your liquor license as it progresses online at the New York State Liquor Authority website. Or if we are handling it for you, we will keep you posted.

The liquor license application process for New York should take several weeks but at times recently has taken as long as 9 months. If the process involves some more complicated matters like more than 3 liquor serving establishments within 500 feet it can take longer.

If your application has been denied already or you think you are in a difficult application process for some reason you can have a Liquor License Attorney like our firm represent you in the application process or speak for you at any hearings. This can be of significant assistance so you do not say anything to hurt your case accidently.